Monday, July 16, 2007

Say What?

It's amazing what we can hear when we tune into the noise and input all around us, rather than attempting to tune it out. Do you listen to things? I do and my husband is just a bit worried that non-human objects are speaking to me--my feet, medicines, cats, and more! Really, I don't hear voices, it's definitely a non-verbal communication. If he'd admit it, my husband has it big time too-- we'll call it intuition in his case--just an example, the fan belt on our old V.W. told him it was going to break, but he didn't get a spare in advance. Oh well, we live and learn. Here is some communication from my world:


The jackhammer in the street
pierces, tears, breaks
what was solid
what seemed permanent
to repair the thing that lies
broken underneath
or to rip it away
all together
start over on raw ground
pour a new slab
a foundation built
on something better
something meant to last
this time around

violent this construction
this creating
and recreating
whoever said
the hand of life
would be gentle

Let Go

Let go, let go, let go
is the message of the labyrinth
Not let go and let God
Not let go and trust me
simply let go

Hot purple geranium petals
litter the path beneath my feet
The bush too has let go
as all things must

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