Friday, August 24, 2007

Two Years of Spiritual Formation

Today marks the culmination of my experience with the Two Year Academy for Spiritual Formation. An honor and privilege to share the journey with an amazing group of people who have enriched my life greatly--faculty, leadership team, covenant group, and all the participants. Are you longing for an intentional community, an opportunity to experience new spiritual practices, and the silence to encounter yourself deeply? Try the Academy!

Here's the summary of my two years, dedicated to my Academy companions:

My Two Years at the Academy

light candle-hold space-share-listen-worship-
sing-pray-listen-reflect-hold silence-
give-receive-the cup-empty self-be renewed-
sing-shut up-try to sleep-take Tylenol p.m-
sleep-wake up-stagger in-break silence-
think-hear-really hear-walk-reflect-write-
write-write-notice everything-show up-
pay attention-listen-listen-laugh-cry-
be amazed-sense God-feel the spirit-
screw up knitting-listen-learn-
start over, self and knitting-walk-
sit-listen-write what comes-be challenged-
struggle-illuminate dark places-
gather in community-break silence-
share-laugh-sigh-be awed-enter chapel-
sing-pray-worship-notice the light-
float-soar-sink-go deep-listen-pray-
embrace-love-embrace-take in Christ-
be moved-be changed-be transformed-
sing-eat-covenant-open self-hold holy space-
love-marvel at God in the circle-
experience unconditional love-be truly heard-
be vulnerable-be affirmed-be transparent-
pass the chocolate-love-pray-sing-pray-pray-


Julie Hilton Steele said...

The spiritual formation program is a wonderful thing but your summary of your time participating is even more wonderful. Really enjoyed reading your other posts as well and saw you have a link to crafts as well as wordsmithing. You may like to check out my blog. As a former writer for Alive Now and Upper Room, I am just getting into this mode of publishing every thought. It has been a boon for me to be able to read others such as yourself.

Peace, Julie

Cathy Warner said...

Thanks for wandering across my blog, Julie. Best wishes blogging. I'll visit again.

Rev. Judith's Journal said...

I'm grateful you posted this, Cathy! I will enjoy reading your stuff but will miss hearing you read it. You have such a great gift. Thank you.
Blessings on the journey,

RevErikaG said...

Great reflection, writing and journey!
I appreciate that this is up so I can remember and be thankful.