Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Prayer for our Elected Leaders

Eternal and Expansive God,

Throughout history you have set apart your servants
calling them forth for such a time as this.

We lift to you today those who have been called by us
elected to represent the rich and poor, young and old,
citizens and residents, the rainbow of ethnicities
populating our cities and towns and all in between

We have chosen these men and women
to speak for us in our communities
in our states, in this nation
and in this one world we all call home

We pray that as these leaders pledge
to promote the greater good
that they will be guided in their public
and private lives by the teachings
of Jesus and his church that call
for right relationships between people
for stewardship of the Earth
and for justice that places in the forefront
the needs of the hungry, poor, sick and oppressed.

May our leaders be worthy
of the trust we have placed in their hands.
May you uphold them as they carry heavy
responsibilities and expectations
on their shoulders.
We pray for their families
that they will not be sacrificed
to the demands of public office
and that the spirit of love will reign
in their homes and hearts.

We give thanks for our government
for the peaceful transition of power
our founders sought, and yet we need
healing from the polarizing division
of political campaigns. We pray for those
who find both hope and fear at the
results of our votes.

We pray particularly for our President-Elect
Barack Obama and for the symbol he has become
for many, of possibility, for others a threat.
We pray for his physical safety in a nation
where racial hatred still festers in our
shameful wounds.

Gracious one, we recognize our dependence
on you and on one another. Keep us always
in prayer and in good will for those who
give their lives to service.


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