Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Letter From Jesus

One of the writing exercises I find most powerful is writing a letter from God, Jesus, or a spiritual guide to me. It’s a way of finding out the words and message that the holy has for each one of us. In every workshop where I have led this exercise, I have always been awed by the love, tenderness and power of these words that come to us and through us. I truly believe that we become vessels for a greater knowing, for a love and power that is often beyond our ordinary consciousness, but always available to us.

Next time you need some encouragement try this simple exercise. Take a pen and a paper, and write a letter from God, Jesus, or a Biblical figures, or spiritual guide to you. If you want, you can make it a dialogue, with questions and answers, a conversation.

I guarantee that you will be blessed. The following is an excerpt from a letter from Jesus to me. In it is a promise for all of us:

“It is my job to bring healing into situations that seem hopeless and impossible. Trust that I have power to heal events not only in the present, but in the past, too.

Perfect love casts out all fear, but even imperfect ordinary love can cast out some fear. I want you to remember that I know that you love me. You can call on me, count on me, and trust me to be present with you and for you. All you need to do is ask. Invoke my presence; utter my name and I will walk with you. I will hold your hand. I will stand with you in every situation. I will give you words when you can’t speak. I will give you strength when you are weak. I will be all that you cannot and I will never desert you. For you are my beloved child. With you I am well pleased.”

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Rev. Judith's Journal said...

Awesome. I have had similar experiences when simply asking "Jesus, what do you want from me?" Will you be at the Orders Retreat? It would be wonderful to greet you there!