Friday, February 12, 2010

The Transfiguration

I have seen the minor transfigurations
a young woman all lit up with new love
the radiant smile of a groom on his wedding day
the inner glow of a pregnant woman
parents beaming as they hold their newborn child
the long married luminous and dancing under the moon
the dazzling light that gentles us from this life into the next.

Each brush with love transforms us
if only temporarily and like the sun
it burns so bright we must look indirectly or go blind.
We can only come so close to the Great Source
before we catch fire from the inside out.
God’s creative power emanates from us
profuse and dazzling momentary perfection.
Like Moses our beards shimmer
Like Jesus our garments blaze white
This is transformation
shining on the mountaintop emitting God rays
dumbfounding those in our presence

As the blush fades we walk down from the peaks
onto the plains of our existence
uttering our small prophecies
We are not dazzling, worshipped, or set apart
but, Oh, we have been changed.

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