Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Brady Bunch, Christ Followers

Sometimes, we need a little humor. Today I preached my last sermon after seven years of serving as lay pastor to my congregation. What was I going to say? My daughter suggested I think of my retiring (to pursue my MFA in Creative Writing full-time) like the end of sitcom, maybe Cheers, since our church is small and everybody does know your name. I thought about it, and The Brady Bunch came to mind, specifically, "Here's the story, of a man named Brady." I thought about the Bible and what it's the story of. So, here, to lighten the mood of a tearful farewell, and with apologies to any Brady, living or dead, and understanding that I've taken great liberties by abridging almost all of scripture, is my new hit song, "God's Story!"

God’s Story
Sung to the theme of the Brady Bunch

Here’s the story of the baby Moses
Found in the Nile and raised in Pharaoh’s house
He led his people from slavery through the Red Sea
And wrote God’s ten big rules

It’s the story of God’s son Jesus
who spoke and healed throughout Galilee
He was crucified yet rose from the Grave
To save us all from sin

And later Paul who had once persecuted Christians
found his life turned upside down by a vision
He wrote the letters we now read in the Bible
That’s the way we all became Christ followers

Christ Followers, Christ Followers,
That’s the way we became Christ followers

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Anonymous said...

Love you, Cathy. Selfishly I hope this change means that we'll see you more here on Holy Ink. Praying for everyone affected by this change and love that you had a pool party to celebrate. Made me think of Barbara Brown Taylor's Leaving Church baptism in the pool of a former parishioner.

I welcome you committing yourself full time to writing and have benefitted from your commitment to expression during the weeks at the Academy.

Love, Emily