Sunday, October 02, 2011

Let Us Sing To the Lord

I wrote this poem back in 2004 to honor the many wonderful musicians in my church, and read it again today to honor one of our accompanists who blessed us with her amazing skills for the past six and a half years.  It was a joy to work with Char.  She thought so carefully about the theme of the service and chose appropriate and beautiful music to offer to us.

This poem was published several years back in Alive Now.  You are welcome to use it worship services to honor the musicians in your midst, just please give me credit as the author.

Let us Sing to the Lord

To honor the musicians of Boulder Creek UMC, Feb. 1, 2004

In the ancient quiet of this world
one raised her voice and carried a note
she was joined by another
and melody began
harmony followed
spanning the distance between souls.

Song was born
and the drum followed
the rhythm of our hearts
beating outside our bodies
inviting our ancestors to dance

Arms were raised to the firmament
bodies began to sway
feet to jump

our first worship
our earliest praise

so it continues today
rising above our chaotic world
teeming with sound

Music draws us beyond the noise
carries us out of isolation, beyond confusion
satisfies the insistent cry of spirit

The instruments
of voice
of piano
of guitar, drum and flute

They are the instruments of God’s peace
Their notes restore our joy
Their prayers bind us together

We give thanks to you and for you
the ones who offer your voices in song
and make music with your hands
fingering melodies, drumming life
strumming praise, and piping divinity

A testimony that slides in our ears
and sets our spirits singing in return

©Cathy Warner 2004


Roxxane Mcleode said...

Such a beautiful song :)

D.M. SOLIS said...

Beautiful lyrics. I hope you'll add the music sometime. Peace,


Everyday~Grow Forward said...

The words of this poem not only made me smile but sparked joy in my heart. :)

Thank You & Keep Writing


Daniela Laranta said...

I was really depressed today, thank you for this amazing song. It really helped me get over my frustration :)