Monday, July 10, 2006

Psalm 24

For July 16, 2006
Lectionary Year B
6th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 24

Everywhere you look everything is God’s.
From the big bang that began it all
to the waters that covered the earth
then receded to form oceans and rivers
and the creatures born in water that crawled
upon land and winged through the air.
Are any of us worthy to stand in the presence
of such majesty? Can any of us climb
the Holy hill and survey the creator’s glory?
Yes, is the answer! The ones who labor
to bring about good for their brothers and sisters,
not just for themselves. The ones who fill
their hearts with compassion, not vengeance.
The ones who do not feed their spirits
on power, money and control.
The ones who do not lie under oath,
nor mislead others, nor deceive themselves.
These are the ones who will receive
the blessing of God’s good company,
who will know that God is with them
in all their hours. They will walk through life
with each other, seeking the face of the Holy One.

©Cathy Warner 2006

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