Saturday, July 29, 2006

Psalm 14

For July 30, 2006
Lectionary year B
8th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 14

What shall we do when everyone says,
“There is no God,” and the governments
are corrupt, abandoning the poor and downtrodden,
committing crimes with impunity
concerned only with personal gain?

God is looking, searching the world
to find a leader, someone, anyone
who is looking for God, who wants to learn
the ways of justice, who will act with wisdom.

God’s hands are empty, there is no one
to lift up, no one who is living right.
Everyone is breaking commandments
ignoring the law.

God cries out, “How can this be? Stop
all you evildoers who gobble up my people
as if they were bread, chewing them up
to feed your greed. Won’t one of you stop
this insatiable feeding and call out to me?”

Even if the powerful won’t stop
they won’t have the last word. God will.
God stands always with those who try to live right.
God is the refuge for the sick, the hungry
the poor, providing comfort when people won’t.

A time will come for deliverance.
God will embrace those who suffer.
God will enrich the poor. Good will lead
those who will follow. In time we will rejoice.

©Cathy Warner 2006

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