Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Psalm 111

For August 20, 2006
Lectionary year B
11th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 111

Way to go, God!
Hey, everybody in the congregation,
I want to tell you, right here, right now
that God’s made a miracle of my life and
I’m eternally grateful. Don’t you know it, too?
Read the Bible and see just how long God’s been at it.

Isn’t the world beautiful? Isn’t creation amazing?
And what about the way God treats us?
Unlimited second chances. Wow, that’s mercy.
And food––the manna that dropped from heaven
when the people wandered in the desert
and the bread we get too, through prayer
and scripture and story.

Talk about promise keepers, God’s the original!
The Covenant King! Come into the fold, follow
a few rules and you’ll never be lost and alone again.

And our heritage, now that’s rich. You could study
the scriptures your entire life and never stop learning
something new about how faithful and trustworthy
God is. We can look forward, knowing
that as in the past, God is always with us
just waiting to welcome us home.

And when you stop to think about how huge
and all encompassing God’s reach can be
well that’s intimidating, scary even.
But that’s a good thing; humility is a great place
to start understanding wisdom.
We should practice that; it will expand our understanding.
The more we understand, the more we’ll shout out
“Wow, God, you’re truly amazing!”

©2006 Cathy Warner

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