Saturday, August 26, 2006

Psalm 84

For August 27, 2006
Lectionary Year B
12th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 84

The house of the Holy One is where I want to be.
I crave the quiet, the soul-at-rest-feeling
of this space set aside to focus our sights and spirits
on the maker of all things.
My bones leap and my heart beats
with a melody set in rhythm by the ancient drummer.

Twig by twig I would build a nest
and raise my young here
secure and happy in the creator’s palm.
Day and night, like a mockingbird
I would sing every song of joy
dance every step of praise
brimming with the wild happiness
of those who live in God’s home.

What joy is discovered by those
who chart their journeys with God
as their compass! Highways open
in their hearts and they travel straight
for the promised land.

For them, deserts are not dry and lifeless
but blooming valleys with hidden springs
and deep wells to quench their thirst.
They will never be far from nourishment
and all signs will point to God.

Hear me as I give praise Great One,
may your ears know my thanks.
If I could spend one day like a shadow
alongside you, I’d be happier than if I’d spent
a thousand years in any paradise on earth.
Oh, Ultimate host, I’d rather answer your door
and show in your guests without even catching
a glimpse of your sleeve than to own
the penthouse suite in a high rolling city.

The one beyond our understanding is brighter
than the sun, and provides a shield for our eyes
beckoning us closer.

God is generous with all that we need
keeping nothing from those who live in right

Gracious giver of abundant life, those who trust you
will always be satisfied.

©Cathy Warner 2006

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