Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

Give thanks in all things. It's a tall order to be thankful sometimes, when we're struggling with health, finances, relationships, employment and more. Somewhere, recently, I either read or was told (yes, the middle aged memory loss is here) about/by a woman who begins each day thinking of five things she is thankful for before she even gets out of bed. What a gratitude attitude.

It seems to me this sort of thinking on a daily basis requires one to look at the details of life, rather than just the big things. What would your list look like? Today, the day before Thanksgiving, mine went something like this

I am thankful for:

1. being able to breathe all night through my nose (I have a cold).

2. that the dog didn't poop on the bedroom floor (he lacks bowel control, so a common occurrence).

3. my family visiting for the holiday weekend, and the twelve of us celebrating together at our home tomorrow.

4. my sister volunteering to cook turkey and gravy for our feast, leaving me free to decorate the table, my favorite activity.

5. my new Kitchen-Aid mixer. I made my first loaf of gluten-free bread with it last night, and pizza crust, too. Real bread, real pizza. This is heaven.

Well, let's go ahead and make it a top ten I-am-thankful-for list for good measure, since this is my Thanksgiving post:

6. the crew of Professional Cleaning Services who cleaned my house this morning.
7. the m.d. who is helping heal my daughter's scar tissue from previous ankle surgery.

8. my husband, family, friends, writing community and church family, who all support and encourage me in my journey, as I attempt to follow my calls to writing and ministry.

9. the privilege of being invited into the lives and stories of others.

10. God, waiting for each of us to Wake Up and be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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