Friday, November 30, 2007

Holy and Ordinary

We move from ordinary time into the season of Advent this Sunday. A time of waiting, of anticipation of Christ's birth again in our lives and into the world. Lights-- thousands in our case--illuminate the dark--and our neighborhood, drive by if you live in the area--Those who walk in the darkness have seen a great light. And those who allow themselves to enter deeply into the season, can still find expectation amid holiday parties, gift shopping, and more. We enter into a holy season, but the ordinary is always with us.

Holy and Ordinary

Holy and ordinary
this time given
for breath and blood
for calling forth into life
the creatures in ourselves
the tiger the lamb
the colt who bears
mothers and saviors
on its back

O Maker what can I bear
what can I birth
and nourish and raise
an offering
full and ripe
the essence of abundance
that rains on me
not gently
but fat thick drops
that sting my skin
pelt me into awareness
force me to look
utter my thanks
hand over my life

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